There’s no better feeling than cuddling into a freshly washed, soft comforter or blanket before you head to bed or relax for the night. Your bedding is some of the most important things in your home (it is what you sleep on, after all!), so taking care of it is imperative to making sure you’re getting your best night’s sleep.


Learning to properly care for and clean bedding isn’t a hugely easy task, but it’s all a matter of paying attention. So what’s the best way to store your sheets and bedding in a way that keeps it fresh, comfortable, and lasting for a long time? Read more to find out!

Bedding Storage Tips


Wash Your Things!

Before you store your bedding, make sure to thoroughly clean it and make sure it’s in its best condition. There’s nothing more disconcerting than taking bedding out of storage to find it grimey or smelly. It can also become discolored or just plain gross if not laundered properly prior to storage. 

When going to wash your bedding, make sure to read the instructions and launder your bedding accordingly. Generally, bedding is usually washed on a delicate cycle and in cool water to maintain its integrity. 


Fold Things Properly 

We know, we know. Folding fitted sheets is next to impossible – how do you even begin to do so? Different people fold things in different ways, but regardless of technique, it’s most important to fold your bedding using a strategy. Since it’s so bulky, make sure to fold your bedding in such a way that maximizes space, while allowing your bedding room to breathe. 


On top of this, certain types of bedding should be stored in certain orders to maintain the integrity or structure of their makeup. For example, heavier blankets should also be stored underneath down comforters or duvet covers, since they have less structure than their heavier counterparts. 


Use Dryer Sheets

A great way to maintain your bedding while it hangs out in storage is to keep your linen closet smelling fresh with dryer sheets or scented satchels into your folded bedding sets. Plus, not only will this keep your closet smelling fresh, but of course your sheets as well!


Avoid Heat and Humidity

Never store bedding or otherwise delicate fabrics in hot or humid areas or storage units that harbor excess moisture and humidity. Keep bedding only in a dry, cool storage location to make sure it’s in its best condition for when you need it again.  


When you’re storing your bedding, make sure to also keep the size of the space in mind – is it big enough? Can my bedding breathe while in here? Does it have good airflow or ventilation? All of these questions should play into the final storage choice you make for your bedding. 


Once you’ve washed and properly aired out and taken care of your bedding, it’s time to decide whether to store these freshly laundered items. If you don’t have a suitable linen or hall closet to fit your bedding into, consider a personal storage to keep your bedding safe, secure, and away from heat and humidity. Not sure where to start in that search? Check out PortableStorageNearMe’s options here.