Summer is all about feeling free, easy, and light – and not about being weighed down by the heavy winter clothes that are taking up unneeded space in your closet. If you missed spring cleaning, you might be rooting through your closet to even get to your warm weather clothing, but don’t worry! It’s never too late for a closet clean out.


– Go through your items and take out off-season items. Go through your house and root through everything off-season. Don’t just stop at clothes, either. If you have winter boots, sleds, skis, or any cold weather items clogging up your space, clear it out and store it away or bring it to a storage unit for safekeeping.


– Prioritize and emphasize accessibility. If you don’t want to bring all of your cold weather clothes and household goods to a storage unit, or think you have enough room at your house to store it all yourself, make sure you have a strategy. If storing in closets or tight spaces, make sure to rotate everything. Put your warm weather or most used items at the front, where they’re easiest to reach.


-Keep everything labelled. If you’re boxing up seasonal items for storage, make sure everything is organized and appropriately labelled so nothing is misplaced or lost. Plus, this way you know what’s in which boxes just by looking at the side, and don’t have to root through everything for one thing.


Use outside storage. If storing away your seasonal items for the summer won’t solve the space problems at your home, pack up and label your things and bring them to an outside storage unit, or have them picked up by a storage service. If you’re sure you won’t need them for the next few months, store them out of site and out of mind.


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