If you’re an avid cook or just like to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it’s easy to accidentally accumulate a lot of cooking utensils and appliances that now just take up space in your kitchen. Plus, buying things like spices here and there might not seem like anything that could add up in the long run, but before you know it you can end up with spices or seasonings spilling out of your too-small rack or cabinets, and creating a mess. 

If your kitchen’s storage capabilities come up short when compared to your affinity for gadgets, we’ve got some tips and tricks to keep all of your fancy kitchen items, while also keeping them out of the way. 

Do You Actually Need Everything?
The first step to coming up with storage solutions and organizing any space is clearing out what you don’t need. Take stock of all of your kitchen gadgets, pots, pans, or anything else that is spilling out the sides of your cabinets and consider whether you actually use any of it. If you have a milkshake maker that seemed like a super fun idea when you bought it, but has since just taken up space on your counter and collected dust for the last few years, it’s time to sell or donate it. 

Get Crafty with Your Kitchen

Now that you’ve cleared out any unnecessary or unused appliances or items in your kitchen, it’s time to actually get to the storage solutions. 

An easy way to get your kitchen under control without actually having to do much is to simply reorganize everything. Take everything out of your cabinets, and separate things according to what they are and what they do. Hang up a chalkboard or whiteboard on the inside of each of your cabinets with a guide as to what you can find in each area. Where’s that blender you bought a few years ago? It’ll be easy to find with guides to each cabinet you look in. 


An easy way to overhaul your kitchen can come down to something as simple as putting in an extra shelf or two. If you have more pots and pans than you have room for, install a shelf with places to hang them by their handles. On top of creating an organized and out of the way spot to keep pans, having your things open and displayed creates a fun and professional look in your kitchen. 

Organize Your Drawers

When you think of reorganizing your kitchen, a lot of people think of their messy cabinets or pantries, but overlook a really useful storage space — your drawers! A lot of people just kind of user drawers for silverware and miscellaneous items, but by putting simple dividers or pre-made organizers into your drawers, you can maximize your space and make room for a lot of utensils or kitchen essentials that you otherwise would just throw in a random cabinet. 

No matter what level of chef or food critic you may considered yourself to be at, everyone’s kitchens can get a bit disorganized at some point. You don’t have to redo your entire kitchen to accommodate your needs, however. Just by putting a shelf or some well-placed dividers, you can overhaul your entire space with minimal effort. 

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