If you’re lucky enough to have a basement or a garage in your home (or both!), these areas can very easily become a dumping site of sorts for the items you don’t have room for in your closets or regular home storage areas, or for boxes, old packing materials, seasonal items, or just things you don’t know what to do with. 

Unfortunately, it can happen to the best of us to sometimes give up on organizing and just throw stuff down the basement or in the garage, never to be thought of again – until you run out of space, that is! Having garage or basement storage often brings about an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ sort of thought process for a lot of people, but this can easily lead to things building up until these storage areas are nearly bursting at the seams. 


Home Storage Solutions

If you’ve run out of storage in your home’s basement or garage areas, it’s time to think on the fly and improvise to declutter and get your home organized and tidy once more. Thankfully, if you’re not even sure where to start, we’ve got your back. Keep reading for some great tips and tricks on how to organize your garage and basement areas.


Garage Organization Tips

A home’s garage can often be a black hole of sorts when it comes to storage. It’s just a little too easy to throw just about anything in your garage, whether in a random corner or on some existing shelving and then not even think about it again. However, you’re setting yourself up for failure when you do so! By throwing things haphazardly around your garage, you’ll not only lose access to these items due to lack of organization, but you’ll clutter your garage and make it harder to organize (or make room for more stuff!). 

So what do you do to make your garage a more neat, tidy, and organized space? To keep things off of the floor and in easy to reach areas (and to let you figure out where everything actually is!), install wall paneling or shelving to house all of your gardening or lawn equipment, seasonal items, sports equipment, or just miscellaneous items you don’t have a place for. 

Buy storage bins to fit your shelving and label and categorize what goes where, and make sure to declutter and clear out anything you don’t need. 

This is a great way to maximize your space while clearing it out to make more room for your car and other items – especially if you’ve blocked out your vehicle from being where it actually belongs!


Tips for Basement Organization

Just as is the case with garage organization, it can be just as hard to keep track of what’s in your basement. However, your basement can also be one of the most useful storage spaces in your home and one of the easiest to organize. 

To avoid your basement turning into another storage black hole, install cabinetry and shelving in easily accessible parts of the space. 

By doing this, you’ll allow for maximum space potential while keeping the area clear. If converting your basement into a storage space, make sure to stay aware and conscious of any dampness or moisture in the area which could damage the things you have stored down there. 

Even after decluttering your garage and basement areas and installing all of the storage solutions you can, you might still find yourself without enough room for all of your things. When that happens, come to Portable Storage Near Me. With our amazing network of portable storage providers, you’ll be able to have the space you need for all of your items without having to put an addition onto your home! Contact us now for more information