As children return to school following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to know what to do with the previous space set up for their distance learning activities.  As distance learning became more long-term last year, many found themselves setting up spaces dedicated specifically to Zoom learning, as going back and forth between the dining room table and couch was not a conducive learning environment for a lot of kids. However, now that summer is here and schools are looking to come back in-person for the coming school year, it’s hard to know what to do with the previous learning space. An easy answer? Turn your distance learning area into a dedicated study and hobby space for your kids.


As kids adjust back to learning in-person, it’s important to still have a space for them at home that allows them to focus and get their homework done, especially when they’re not at home all the time anymore. This is also important in the event of schools going back online, or working on a more hybrid online/in-person system in the future.


Read below for some fun ideas and tricks to turn your Zoom learning space into an ideal study and hobby space for your kids.


  • Set up storage cabinets. To store your children’s textbooks, notebooks, and folders in the most organized way, put in some simple Ikea shelves or line up some open cabinets along the way. If you put some sort of panel over top, you can even make a makeshift desk! This look keep your kids focused and organized as they try to readjust to learning in-person.
  • Convert a closet. A study space doesn’t have to be huge. Remove some shelving in a closet and remove the door to create a dedicated space for studying in your home. Convert a shelf into a desk, add a small chair and some storage, and your child will be able to open the space and dedicate themselves to studying, and then close it when they’re done in order to focus on recreation.
  • Create a specific color scheme. Sometimes just changing up the color of an already-dedicated study area can allow for kids to be more focused and in-tune with their work. Having a different color from their room or play area helps to get them more in the zone with their work, and allow them to leave it and separate themselves from it as well. Try an off-white, muted red or orange, or a nice green or purple color to harness creativity and drive focus.

There’s no perfect way to convert your existing distance learning space post COVID, or create a new study space when preparing for the new year, but working on it little by little can help. Make it a summer project, and give your kids a jumpstart into the new school year – no matter where they’re learning from!