We’ve all walked around a Home Depot imagining everything we could do with some fun outdoor furniture or accoutrements to reimagine your backyard area. However, walking around a Home Depot or pinning something on your Pinterest is a lot different (and a lot cheaper) than carrying out an entire backyard DIY project. However, reimagining your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking, or extremely expensive. Read below for some fun ideas to DIY your backyard space this summer.


It’s important for your yard to not only look great, but also be useful and conducive for entertaining and having fun. Don’t try to take on too much at once, however. DIY projects turn out best when done step-by-step and when the scope of work is well-managed.


Throw Some Shade

Build a DIY shade structure in your backyard to give your guests as an escape from the hot sun while entertaining – especially if your space doesn’t have an existing patio or sunroom. This might sound like a daunting task, but would really pay off in the long run. Research some project designs and ideas online to find out which you might want for your space. Make sure to level the area you’d like your shade area to go into, and get some wood planks from your local home improvement store that fits the dimensions you’re looking for. When putting up your structure, don’t rush yourself, especially if this is your first time. Go little by little and don’t get too fancy – sometimes less is more! Once your structure is up, add some mesh or some fabric over top for shade and put some nice chairs or a couch inside the frame. Now you can enjoy your backyard without ending up in a pool of sweat!


Make a Vertical Garden

Repurposing wooden pallets is a popular DIY these days to spruce up your backyard in a fun, easy, and nuanced way. It’s also pretty simple – obtain a wooden pallet from a home improvement store or garden center. If you work in a place that uses wooden pallets as well, ask and you might just be able to bring one home. Paint the pallet or leave it as is, and clamp some metal rings to each slat to keep your pots secure and held up. Get pots and flowers that work with your rings, stand up your pallet against a fence or wall, and bam! Now you have a vertical garden that’s fun, aesthetically pleasing, and was easy to make.


Raised Flower Beds

Instead of your traditional approach to trying to grow flowers, plants, or herbs, make your yard more dynamic with some raised flower beds. You can buy raised planters at your local garden center or make them yourself with wood paneling or lumber cut to your ideal dimensions. Fill with soil and plant whatever you want! Spruce up your yard with flowers, plants, or herbs – make it useful while making everything look great!



This summer will be a great time to get outside and start some fun DIY projects to make your yard a dynamic space for hanging out and entertaining with friends and family. Make a shade structure for functional entertaining, a vertical flower garden to spruce up your space, and create some raised flower beds as a fun and functional addition to your space.