When you’re living in a small studio, or just have run out of room in your current home, it can be hard to come up with affordable and innovative storage solutions so you can keep living in your home, while also accommodating your items. 


For all of the best storage solutions inside your home, we’ve laid out everything you need to know. For storage solutions outside of your home, look no further than Portable Storage Near Me’s network of portable storage providers for everything you need to keep your things out of the way, safe, and organized. 

Front Door Storage

Most homes don’t have sufficient storage around the front door to house your coats, shoes or other items you often come in toting after a long day. To make entryway storage a reality for you, install a variety of hooks and open shelving to accommodate all of your items. 

Staggering Shelving

Boxy bookcases or shelving units can be really awkward, and do more harm to the flow of your space than good when it comes to design. Install open, ladder-style shelving or units to display or house books, plants or anything you don’t mind having join the landscape of your room, while also creating an easy storage solution. 

Small Storage Units

In smaller rooms or areas, it can be especially hard to figure out how to store essential items without cluttering the entire room. For these smaller spaces, installing small, open shelving or small units that can house your items, without infringing on the space itself. 

Dual-Use Furniture

Things like storage beds, desks that include wall shelving or storage, or just multi-use pieces of furniture can be lifesavers for smaller studios or just small spaces in general. Make sure to place these pieces of furniture strategically to utilize their storage or useful spaces as much as possible. 

Innovative Add-Ons

Small add-ons or installations in areas you might not think of can make a world of difference for your storage solution mission. Installing small hooks on the inside of cabinets, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, can let you store a lot of ungainly or awkward items easily without infringing upon or messing up cabinet or drawer organization. 

Utilize Doors as Storage Opportunities

Especially nowadays, it’s fairly easy to find over-the-door hooks or storage solutions that can just hang over any door in your home. Now, it’s important to not overdo it, but putting in over-the-door shoe racks, kitchen storage, or bathroom towel hooks can be a real game-changer for your storage needs. 


When you’re confined to a smaller space, either by choice or involuntarily, it can be hard to know where to keep or put all of your things. On top of this, it can be tough to strategize as to how to make sure they stay accessible, while also remaining out of the way and out of people’s range of vision. By utilizing open and innovative storage techniques, you can turn your tiny space into one filled with storage options and room for all of your belongings. 

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